CostGuard QuickStart Guide

CostGuard QuickStart Guide

CostGuard comes with 2 units, a SAMP (Sample) unit populated with inventory and recipes, is designed to let you “play” with the software. There is a limit of 24 recipes and ingredients. So DO NOT use this to enter your regular items!

  • To begin “playing” with the Sample data click here.
  • When you are ready to enter your own data you will use the MAIN unit, which is empty and ready to accept your own data.
    Read the instructions below to get started

CostGuard Installation and Activation

Standalone PC

Server and Workstations

Logging In to CostGuard

CostGuard comes set with the User ID: ADMIN and the Password: PASS
Logging In

Downloading the update

If you do NOT get a message asking you to download the update you can SKIP THIS SECTION and go straight to the next section ENTERING YOUR DATA
If you see a message that says an Update is Available. Click YES to download it. If NOTHING HAPPENS, this means your PC security is high, or your anti-virus software is preventing the download.

Please follow these directions to download the update.


Follow these directions in this order:

Begin with Setup

Setup This includes your Vendors, SuperGroups, Groups and Locations.

Entering Data

Will you be using CG-XL to import your initial data?

Will you be using VendorTransport to enter your initial inventory?
Using Excel and VendorTransport

Entering Inventory

Entering Recipes

  • Including Labor in Recipes
  • Nutrition
  • Scaling Recipes
  • FYI – every screen has a context sensitive Help button at the bottom.

    help button


    Taking Counts

    Shopping Cart and PO’s

    Shopping Cart



    Receiving Inventory

    Entering Receipts

    POS Import

    Importing your POS data into CostGuard