Tip: 1. Receipts are a great way to enter a price change for multiple items from the same vendor even if you have NOT received inventory. Just enter a zero in the #Received field.

2. A count taken on the same day as a receipt calculates the on hand. Meaning that if you take a count first, and then enter your receipts, the count is still considered by CostGuard as having taken place at the end of the day. The number entered in the count is considered the final on hand.

Click on Inventory/Receipts/ Choose Vendor

Enter all the info you want at the top of the screen

There are 4 ways to enter your inventory items:
1. Click on Fill Transactions icon and CostGuard will populate the Receipts screen with every item you purchase from this vendor.
2. Click on the PO dropdown and choose the PO associated with this order.
3. Import using VendorTransport
4. Use the + button to enter individual items (great for adding an item you don’t usually receive from this vendor).

receipts 4 ways

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