Nutrition – a simplified guide

Nutrition – a simplified guide

CostGuard uses the USDA nutrition database. The USDA calculates nutrition based on a 100 gram portion size.

Your inventory items need to have a Pack Size or at least one Recipe Unit that is a weight.

It does NOT have to be in grams because CostGuard internally will calculate the grams based on the weight in Recipe Unit.

For example, if you use an item by the cup in a recipe, but you either purchase it by weight, or have a weight as a Recipe Unit, then CostGuard will look at Recipe Units and see the cup to weight conversion and then calculate nutrition based on that.

Whipped Topping

We’ve located this inventory item in the USDA database:

nutrition ingredient

Since we purchase this by the Bag we need to tell CostGuard the weight of the item. We’ve created a weight in Recipe Unit. To make it really simple it’s 100 grams.

nutrition recipe unit

A simple recipe for our example is a portion of Whipped Topping
nutrition recipe

Here’s our 100 grams of whipped topping in a recipe


whipped 4

And our nutrition label displays the correct information as per the USDA for whipped topping:
whipped 5

And from the USDA database for whipped topping: