Entering Recipes

Entering Recipes

To see the Recipes from the SAMPLE database click on Recipes/ Recipe Manager.

You will see that there are different recipe types:

Double click on a recipe. The tabs at the top of the recipe lead you through the data to be entered:

recipe tabs

Adding ingredients and saving:

At the bottom of each screen you will see the above. Scroll over the buttons to learn what they do.

Prep and Batch Recipes

When do I create a prep recipe and when do I create a serving recipe? And how do I account for shrinkage?

1. Entering yields for a prep recipe:

  • If the Yield and Portion Units are compatible, then the Portions in Yield Field will calculate automatically
  • If they are not compatible, then you will need to enter in the information


1a.Serving recipe from the above batch:
2. A recipe that incorporates labor:


2a. Calculating in labor:

How to enter labor as an inventory item