Shrinkage, Prep and Serving Recipes

Shrinkage, Prep and Serving Recipes

You purchase an inventory item that needs cleaning, scaling, peeling, de-boning etc. You want to take this shrinkage into account for accurate pricing. You then want to prepare the item and use it in a recipe.

First enter the shrinkage in the Recipe Units fields of the Inventory Module.
Create an inventory item and click the Units tab.
Add your Pack Size and Descriptions

Then, in the Recipe Units fields you will enter the percentage of shrinkage for this item.

Need more help understanding this process? Click the lower Help button and scroll down to the explanation of recipe units.

If you then change or prepare the item (such as sauteing shrimp or marinating chicken) then you are adding costs.

Follow these instructions:

You have now created an inventory item with accurate shrinkage and you want to use this item in a recipe.

Step 1. Create a Prep Recipe using the inventoried item.

If you are then preparing this item for use in a recipe, such as Sauteed Garlic Shrimp.

Create a Prep Recipe in the Recipe Module that has the all the ingredients needed for garlic sauteeing the shrimp.

Step 2. Create a Serving Recipe that incorporates the Garlic Sauteed Shrimp into whatever else goes on the plate with this item. This may include a prep recipe for rice pilaf and another prep recipe for roasted carrots.

You now have an inventory item with correct shrinkage that you can use in multiple ways in a Prep Recipe and then incorporated into a Serving Recipe after it has been prepared!

Here are some examples.