Export to Retail Labeling Systems Interface

  • Are you duplicating your recipes in your labeling software?
  • Do you want to store your recipes in one place, and export the label information to your labeling system?
  • Do you also want to export recipe cost and selling prices to POS?
    Duplicate data is expensive to maintain, and inevitably results in errors. Should you need to change a recipe, you would need to change it in CostGuard *and* your labeling system. Same with any new recipes!

    The Export to Retail Label Systems Interface completely eliminates this problem!

    Here’s what gets exported:
    – Label list: enter the ingredients for purchased items, such as dressings, sauces, condiments, prepackaged goods, etc. These items need to appear on your labels! (You can optionally import the list from Excel; it will match up by item name)
    – Every level of every recipe and sub-recipe
    – Allergens
    – The label interface includes pricing info, which also is sent out to POS. So you can marry your CostGuard costed recipe data with your POS data, in additional to your labeling system.

    The following systems are supported:

    • Catapult POS using E-Plum
    • CostGuard standard

    If you don’t see your system, please ask your label printer if they can import data, or ask them to call us. We are pleased to discuss interfacing with your labeling system.
    Click here to download the CostGuard Standard Label Interface document.

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