Catering/ Event Management

CostGuard has terrific features that manage catering events, from costing through production.

Requires: Recipe

You don’t need a catering system, but if you have one, then this interface transfers
recipe costing information for accurate bidding and proposals.

Current interfaces include CaterEase, CaterMate, and CaterWare. Please call
us if your catering system isn’t listed.

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Import Prep List

A new addition to our Catering/Event Management Interface

This new feature allows you to further automate your production process by providing an import of prep requirements.

You won’t need to create the recipe containing your prep items any more. It will be built for you!

Suitable For:

Caterers: this could be an export from your catering software, containing all of the menu items for an event.

Production Kitchen: it might contain incoming orders from your retail outlets. You can also use the same import to BUILD these levels of prep recipes (if you want to run full perpetual inventory for your prep recipes).

Retail production/Meal Prep: telephone or online customer orders, import customer orders into CostGuard for precise production.

Once you import the file, CG creates a new recipe containing all of the recipes for prep, including their quantities; the Requisition button will be enabled. Click that button, and you’ll instantly generate a sorted and totaled production sheet for all the imported recipes.

You can save the recipe for reuse, and change the name as necessary. You can also use this recipe print out as a packing list for delivery purposes.

Note: this import option requires our Catering Interface.

Show me how it’s done!