We have a robust training program and a great deal of CostGuard training experience.

We know your time is limited and you may want to get CostGuard up and running quickly.

Each training we do (whether on-site or by webinar) is customized for your specific needs.

CostGuard training is beneficial if you are

  • Implementing CostGuard in a demanding time frame
  • Allocating significant manpower resources involved with your CostGuard implementation
  • “Training the trainer”

All training is done by experienced CostGuard trainers, not outside contractors.

Participation in onsite training encourages you/your group to tackle important issues relating to the way you manage your inventory, do your food costing, calculate shrinkage, create recipes and engineer your menus.

On-site training provides the highest level of training. It is highly recommended for training groups, training among different cost centers, training among different job categories (e.g., culinary, purchasing, upper management, etc.), train the trainer, etc. An additional key benefit of either of these training methods – you analyze your operation’s current procedures and reinforce best practices in your implementation of the CostGuard system.

We come with years of experience and can help facilitate those conversations, both as it relates to CostGuard and to your own business organization.

  • In addition to CostGuard software training we also offer 2 hours of:
    Best Practices for Managing a Rollout

As part of the training, we can help you develop a deployment plan, along with management processes to track progress and ensure your success. It would take 1-2 hours, and should involve the stakeholders and managers most invested in food costing improvements.

Please call or email for rates and schedules.