CG-Cloud: Mobile Data Entry

CostGuard lives on your Windows PC. But you’d like some mobility. Use your iPad as a data entry device to CostGuard on your Windows PC!

Use CG-Cloud on your iPad to access CostGuard remotely on your Windows PC.
It’s as if you were working on your PC but from a distance!
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Watch CG-Cloud in action

There are lots of benefits:

  • Take counts on your iPad while you walk from location to location. No need to print count sheets, write your counts and then reenter them into CostGuard.
  • With CG-Cloud your data is entered directly into your CostGuard database on your PC.
  • You don’t need to spend hours learning a new app!
  • The iPad is the perfectly sized mobile device for data entry (counts, invoices, etc.) DIRECTLY INTO COSTGUARD. Imagine the time savings and error reductions.

  • Custom numeric touchscreen keypad.
    Compact so it doesn’t take up room.
    Transparent so you can view your screen.
  • CG-Cloud with keypad700

  • CG-Cloud is smart enough to make CostGuard touch screen compatible on your iPad!

All you need is an internet connection and your iPad. What could be easier?

The install is fast, and is available directly from CostGuard.

It’s safe; all you’re doing is transmitting screens, not data.

Since CG-Cloud is web based, you can even use it off site. Want to check a report? See pricing? Collect data from a remote site?

Here are some of the ways CG-Cloud can help:


  • Enter your counts directly into CostGuard; no need for count sheets
  • Enter invoicing on the loading dock; find price changes, discrepencies, substitutions, etc., instantly!
  • Chefs can use it in the kitchen to view recipes and images of plating.


  • Let off-site operations enter their own counts, invoices, sales, etc., and centrally you can manage reporting and management. They won’t even need a PC; just an internet connection and an iPad.
  • You’ll find more and more reasons to use CG-Cloud; it really lets you have complete CostGuard mobility.
  • CG-Cloud in action

    *** Each User License allows you to remote into up to 5 different computers. One CG-Cloud License per user. Multiple users require their own license.***

    Please get a 2 week trial to test it before you purchase. Once you purchase a yearly subscription it is NOT refundable.