This Interface alone will save you countless hours.

Requires: Inventory Module

If your supplier can provide and accept data electronically, then VendorTransport is for you. The link is accomplished with industry-standard (or csv) files or Excel spreadsheet files.

VendorTransport links your data with your supplier. There are four key features:

1. Import your order guide using Excel or a csv file
2. Update inventory prices using a csv file
3. Export purchase orders, as a csv file
4. Import invoices using an Excel or csv file

Show me how it’s done for a csv file import.

Show me how it’s done for an Excel Spreadsheet import.

These features provide tremendous time savings, and practically eliminate
duplicate data entry.

If we don’t currently interface with your supplier, tell them to call
us immediately.

Current suppliers include:
Ben E. Keith
Cheney Brothers
Food Services of America
Gordon Food Services
Gordon Food Services Canada
Performance Food Group
Renzi Brothers
Sysco, including Sysco Market, eSysco, Sysco/Canada, S.A.M., Customer
US Foodservice

We also interface with a number of software providers, including Retalix/IDS
and IDS/Powersell.

Since we’ve been developing quality software for so long, we have
terrific relationships with a broad range of suppliers. We exchange
key interface information with each other, and consequently provide
stable and productive interfaces for you.

*Note: not all vendors support all these features. They all support #1,
importing your order guide.