Tracks your sales mix information for any period of time

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  • An instant analysis of your most and least popular and profitable items
  • Customized reports help you make informed decisions about your menu’s cost-effectiveness
  • An instant “perfect” or “theoretical” food cost based on your most current inventory costs
  • Unlike POS sales reports, CostGuard uses your actual inventory prices
  • Correct food costing results in correct decisions
  • Reporting levels and usage by item, group, and supergroup (e.g., food, supplies, liquor).
  • Tracks theoretical usage; provides variance (shrinkage) reporting.
A leading restaurand consultant explains why is Menu Engineering is essential:

“I have always stated that you don’t place percents in your pocket!  Too many time the focus on the items is what the cost percent the item is.  Cost percents on their own is not the best indicator.  What we should be focused on the gross margin per plate and contribution margin dollars.  That is what really matters, the profit or dollars the item will bring me.  The bottom line is the bottom line!

Mark Kelnhofer
President & CEO
Return On Ingredients LLC

Instant ‘pre-cost’

based on your current food costs and sales mix. Menu explosion (perpetual inventory) when combined with Inventory and Recipe Modules

Sales Reports

Sales Mix, Sales Trend, Winners & Losers (Menu Engineering), Sales Flash
Sales Reports show you the profitability and popularity of each dish you sell. Sales is the final step, transforming your Inventory Items via Recipes to dishes that your customers eat. Sales Reports pull all of this information together showing how well this process went.

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Sell inventory items

No need to create recipes for bottles of beer, wine or retail items.
Saleable Inventory Items are ready for sale when they come in your door.

Examples include single serving bottled beverages, wrapped candy bars, wrapped snacks or single serving items.

When you check the Saleable box, the Sales setup button becomes active, allowing you to setup the item for immediate sale, without creating a recipe.etc. Show me how it’s done


Import your sales mix directly from your point-of-sale system.
CostGuard can even import the extended sales dollars, so meal period price changes and comps are accounted for (available if your POS system exports this information). Please Click here for the current list.


Reports are sorted by item, supergroup, and can be further selected by date range and level of detail.
CostGuard® lowers your food costs – it’s that simple.

All modules share the same data, so there’s never any need to re-enter information