Data Entry

Looking for a fast and easy way to get up and running?

We can help you!

The bulk of your initial work will be entering your data into CostGuard.

Entering a large amount of inventory items and/or recipes can take up critical time and energy.

Let the fast fingers of CostGuard assistants enter your data

You give us the recipes you’ve got, on paper or electronically, and we will enter them all into the correct fields in CostGuard in a timely fashion. This includes data normalization; we look at the way your inventory items are purchased and compare them to the way they are used in your recipes, then we create compatible recipe units in inventory. We also work with you (and The Book of Yields) to determine shrinkage.

While we are doing your data entry you can either arrange for training or read the QuickStart Tutorial and familiarize yourself with the software.

By the time you’re ready to begin working we’ll have your data entered and ready for you.

Please email or call for pricing.

Phone: 914-337-9030 or 1-888-FC-LOWER (325-6937)