Label Interface

Label Interface

Entering Ingredients

If you need instructions for Exporting Labels click here


There are two ways to enter ingredients into a Label List-

(A Label List contains the ingredients for purchased items, such as dressings, sauces, condiments, prepackaged goods, etc. These items need to appear on your labels!)

1. Entering ingredients manually
2. Importing using an Excel Spreadsheet


Manually Entering Ingredients

The first way is by manually entering your ingredients into the “Label List” box for an item.

  • In Inventory Manager, open the item you would like to add ingredients for.
  • Enter each ingredient, separated by a comma, into the box.


label list



Importing using an Excel Spreadsheet

The second way is to import an Excel spreadsheet with your items and ingredients.

  • In Excel, the first column must be titled “Name” and the second column must be “Ingredients”.
  • Under “Name”, enter the item exactly as it is named in CostGuard then enter the ingredients in the corresponding row under “Ingredients”.

excel labels



To import the Excel file click Inventory/Label Interface/Label List Import

label list 2
In the popup box, select the Excel file you wish to import, then hit “Import”.



Testing the Label Before Printing

If you would like to confirm that all your ingredients have nutritional values associated with them then set your labels to print in Test Mode.

label test 1


label test 2

After setting test mode then continue to Exporting Labels to be Printed. Your labels will display with nutrient information as in this example:

label gram weight

Once you are satisfied you can uncheck the Test Mode box and print labels for use.



Printing label lists

To view, save, and print your list of items with ingredients, click
Inventory/Label Interface/Label List Report

label list




Exporting Labels to be Printed

To export recipes with ingredient lists, open Recipe Manager.

Mark the recipes you would like to export, and click “Export” at the bottom of the screen.
label recipes

label recipes2

Click Label

label recipe3

And choose your export format:

label recipe4

Your export will look like this:

label export