Food, recipe and menu costing and inventory control for production kitchens and commissaries.

Recommended for Production Kitchens, the Choice Suite, consisting of:


How the Choice Suite can Benefit your Production Kitchen:

Automatically generate production sheets, prep lists, orders, etc. for all the incoming commissary orders

Converts recipes to larger and smaller yields and also converts units intelligently. This would convert teaspoons to cups so you would never see 48 teaspoons. Using metric weights? No problem, CostGuard has built in metric conversions.

The key to your profitability is a selling price that achieves your profit target. You can only accomplish this WITH ACCURATE FOOD COSTS. CostGuard ALWAYS calculates recipes at your current costs, so you’re assured of accuracy.

This dynamic module lets you manage multiple units (cost center) from the same computer. Multiple units can be in the same physical location (e.g., hotels, hospitals, clubs, multi-concept restaurants, cruise ships, etc.), or separate facilities (multi-unit ownership, chains, franchises, management groups, etc.)
Provides an instant nutritional analysis of all your recipes, including trans fats.

The format is the same one used on retail packaging, instantly understandable!

Clear usage reports allow you to allocate service expenses as needed.

Dated reporting: you can ‘slice’ any inventory usage and receiving report by ANY date range. This allows to you manage budgets and forecasting accurately and flexibly.