Is the Party over?
Don't be in a hurry to delete Requisitions for Catering and Banquet Events. Keep them on file and reuse them for other events. Over time, you will create a very powerful Inventory Requisition list that is unique for your establishment.  

Requisitions Setup

Requisitions are lists of Inventory Items that you create for special events, banquets, or pack-outs.  You can create Requisitions at any time.  You can send Requisitions to the Shopping Cart for one-click ordering.  If you would like to read more about Requisitions, and how you can use them, click here.


This section concentrates on creating Requisition Names.  Later, in the main part of the program, you will see how to use them. 


To Create the Requisition Names

1.       Click Inventory, click Setup, click Requisition Names.

2.       Click the  to create the first Requisition Name.  Type in the Name.

3.       Click  to save that Requisition Name


4.       Alternate between  and  until all Requisition Names are entered.

5.       When you are finished creating the Requisition Names, click Close to end.

6.       To delete a Requisition Name, move your cursor so that the  is to the left of the name.  Click the  to delete.  A popup will appear to confirm.  Click Yes to Delete, click No to cancel.

If you accidentally delete a Requisition Name, you will need to re-enter it.  Because CostGuard uses Requisitions for Reports, if you try to delete a Requisition Name with saved requisitions, you will see the following popup.  You will need to purge your data before you can delete the location.  For more information on Purging Data, click here If you click OK on this popup, it will return you to the Requisition Name screen, without deleting.


7.       If you would like to see a list of Requisition Names that you have entered into CostGuard, click Inventory, click Reports, and click the button before Names List.    


8.   Click Next, then Print to Print the List.

This Report shows all of the Names you have entered into CostGuard.  For more information on this Report, click here.


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