Remember - CostGuard allows you to go back and forth into the Setup program. So, if you do not have the time now, or want to get a feel for the program before deciding on the options, then use the Quick Start Method. Just remember, the more information you give CostGuard, the more powerful it becomes.

How to Setup Inventory

You can choose the Quick Start or the More Detailed option for Setting up Inventory.  Print out this sheet and check off the tasks, as you finish them.

Quick Start

Before you can begin using CostGuard, you need to setup Vendors in the System.  After the Vendor Names are in, then you can begin entering you Inventory Items.

More Detailed

  1. Start with setting up the Vendors

  2. Setup SuperGroups

  3. Setup Groups

  4. Setup Locations

  5. Setup Prep Stations

  6. Setup Requisitions

  7.  Setup Adjustments

  8. Set your Options

  9. Begin using CostGuard


Donít forget, you can go back and make changes to any of these areas at any time.


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