Can you add Super Groups later on?


Yes - at any time you feel the need to add a Super Group, simply return to Setup, and add it.

Super Groups Setup

What are Super Groups?  Super Groups are broad categories that you use to manage your business.  With CostGuard’s flexibility, you can define Super Groups any way that will help you manage your business.  Super Groups keeps all like items together for easier sorting.  Later, Reports use Super Groups as a way to categorize the information so you can easily see your problem areas.  For more information on Reports, click here. 


Some establishments will setup Super Groups in categories such as Food, Liquor, Paper Products, and Chemicals.  Other establishments who use an accounting package will setup their Super Groups to match the categories in their General Ledger.  If you use Cost Guard’s Accounting Interface Module, this may be your best choice.  If you sell alcohol and would like information on setup your SuperGroups and Groups for those products, click here


In the next area, you will learn how to setup Groups, where you can further divide Inventory Items.  Using the example above, if the Super Group is Food, then the Groups could be meat, dairy, and frozen.


To Setup Super Groups

1.       Click Inventory, click Setup, click Super Groups

2.       Click on the  sign at the bottom of the screen.

3.       Type in the name of the group next to the  icon.


4.       Use your mouse to move to the G/L Code Column.  Type in your General Ledger Code for this item.  This is only required if you’re using the Accounting Interface.

If you have the Accounting Interface, you can import your receipts to the appropriate account in your bookkeeping program.  For more information on the Accounting Interface, click here.

5.       Click the   to save the Super Group.

8.       To delete a Super Group, move your cursor so that the  is to the left of the SuperGroup.  Click the  to delete.  A popup will appear to confirm.  Click Yes to Delete, click No to cancel.

If you accidentally delete a Super Group, you will need to re-enter the information.

9.       To see a list of Super Groups that you have entered into CostGuard, click Inventory, click Reports, and click the button in front of Group/Super Group List.

A list of the Super Groups and their associated Groups will appear.  You can print this sheet for cross-referencing.  For more information on the List Reports, click here.


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