ChefTec import details

1. ChefTec ‘pre’ instructions will appear in the CostGuard ‘prep’ field
2. Potential name truncation (for longer inventory and recipe names)
3. If you purchase items in different pack sizes in ChefTec, they will appear as different inventory items in CostGuard. You can run the substitution command in CostGuard if you want to swap items in and out of recipes.
4. Recipe method is imported; pictures are not.
5. ChefTec item categories convert to CostGuard groups.
6. If category has a colon, e.g., Cost of Food: Dairy, then the string to the LEFT of the colon converts to CostGuard supergroup, and string to the right converts to CostGuard groups.
7. Items with no purchases/unit conversions will be imported with case and pack size of “EA” and packs per case of 1, so they can be used in recipes.
8. The conversion will also create recipe units in CostGuard.
9. Costing is based on last invoice; that will be the purchase price of the inventory item.
10. Spaces in units of measure are removed.
11. If the EXACT same item is purchased from two vendors, then those vendors will be associated with that item (CostGuard Ordering tab)
12. If the same item name is purchased in different pack sizes, then it will appear as a new item with an altered name to reflect the pack size. You can of course rename the item in CostGuard.
13. CostGuard does not import the USDA nutritional mapping for the inventory item. You’ll need to do that manually.