Use the select, sort and detail options to customize your Inventory Reports based on your needs. CostGuard's powerful database allows you to ask questions that identify your problem areas quickly.

Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports provide valuable information concerning your Inventory Items.  This Report Section will show you how much you are spending on Inventory Items, who you are ordering them from, and if there are any discrepancies between actual and ideal use. 


You can sort Inventory Reports before creating them.  This feature allows you to customize how the reports appear on the screen and in print.  For more information on the Sort options, click here.


You may also select certain Inventory Items for the Reports.  This option allows you to select certain Groups or Inventory Items for details.  This option is handy if you wish to focus on certain products.  Since the selection options change with each section of reports, they will be covered in each section.


To access the Inventory Reports, click Inventory, click Reports.  The Inventory Report popup will appear.




Inventory Reports are divided into five categories.  Read the description, and click to go to that section.


Lists: This section has lists of Inventory items with various supporting details such as cost and on hand amounts.  You can find lists of information here.  You can sort and select certain Inventory Items in some of the reports in this section.


Purchasing: This section shows your Vendors and what you purchase from them.  You can sort the results, and you can select certain Inventory items in this section.


Usage:  This section shows your actual usage and ideal usage for your Inventory Items.  It also shows your variances or problem areas you need to investigate.  The Purchase Alert Report is on this tab.  You can sort the results.


Journal: This section shows all of your Inventory Transactions.  Use this section to reconcile your usage reports and analyze historical details of inventory transactions.


Alert: Alerts are quick snapshots of the Usage section.  This section shows possible problem areas in your Inventory Section.  It will show you where the counts are not matching actual records.  This section has some unique sorting and selecting options.


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