Entering Counts with HandGuard™

Before you can use a Handheld, you must install HandGuard on the device.  For information on installing, click here.

To use the handheld, you must export the information from the computer with CostGuard to the Handheld.  You must do this each time you do a count, so that the new Inventory items are entered, and the deleted ones are removed from the Handheld.  The first HotSync will also make sure there is no extraneous data in the handheld that can later cause inaccurate counts.  When the count is finished, you will HotSync it again.

1.      Click Inventory, click Counts, click New.

2.      Choose the Locations that you want to count.  Double click the Location in the Right hand column to move them to the Left Column – or Selected Locations.

You can also use your mouse to highlight them in the right hand column and drag them to the left hand side.


3.      Click the  button.  CostGuard will create the export file.

CostGuard will create a file called export.xml in the HandGuard folder.  This file contains the locations and the Inventory Items in each area.  Depending on how many Inventory Items are in the selected Locations, it may take a few seconds.  On the bottom right hand side of the screen, you can see the blue progress bar.  Once CostGuard creates the export file, you can minimize CostGuard, or another person can use it.

4.      HotSync your handheld. Using the directions from the Handheld, HotSync the export file to the Handheld. 

When you HotSync the Handheld, it will copy the export file to a new file called import.  Later, when you enter the data, the Handheld will use the import file to send it back to CostGuard.  Consult your Handheld owner’s manual for information on how to sync data.  

5.      Go to the first area in your establishment that you want to count.  Bring the Handheld with you.  Tap the CostGuard Logo on the handheld screen.  Tap Enter Counts and Orders.



6.      The Date and Verification screen will appear.  Enter the Count Date.


You can use today’s date, or change the date of the count.  To change the date, tap the Pick from calendar, and choose a date from the drop down menu.  You can also optionally enter the name of the person counting and the name of the person verifying. 

Tap Next to start the Count.  Tap the  button in front of Select Location.  Tap the first Location that you want to count. 


All of the Inventory Items associated with this location will appear.  The items are sorted first by sub-location and then alphabetically.


7.      Using the directions from your Handheld, enter in the quantities for the Count.

You can tap the scroll bar on the far right hand side to move the list up and down.  HandGuard will show the default Count Unit A separate part of the business with its own sales and costs. for each item.  The Unit label appears on the far right hand side.  Using the example below, the count unit for Italian dressing is case.  If you have gallon jars on the shelf, you will need to convert the number of jars to cases.  You can enter in a decimal number to do this.  If you would like to change the Count unit as it appears on the HandGuard, then you need to change it in the program.  The next time you HotSync, the other unit will appear.  For more information on how to change a Default Count Units, click here.  This example is showing the floating number screen.  For information on how to turn this feature on or off, click here


8.      To see the details of any item, highlight it and tap the Details button.

The Details screen will show the Item Name, sub location, last Counted Date, last Counted Quantity, the default Count Unit, and the total value or extension of the item.  Tap the back button to return to the main list.

9.  As you are taking the Count, if you need to Order an Item, highlight it, and tap Order.

A mini Order screen will appear.  Enter in the quantity that you wish to order.  Tap OK when the second popup appears.  Tap the back button to return to the Count Screen.

10.  When you are finished with the first Location, tap the   button in front of Select locations to go to the next one.

11.  If you are called away while doing the Count, you can close the Handheld.  The counts will keep in the Unit until you HotSync them back to program.

If you want to clear the Count, then return to the first screen with the three menu choices.  Tap the HandGuard logo at the top.  Tap the Zero Count.  Another popup will appear asking you to confirm your choice.  Click Yes to zero out all counts, click No to keep them.



You can review and change your order quantities by tapping Orders.  HandGuard will send the Orders to the Shopping Cart.  For more information on how to use HandGuard for Orders, click here

12.  When you are finished, tap back to go the Enter Count Screen, tap back to return to the main screen.  Tap Submit Counts and Orders.

On the main menu, this is the bottom option.  A popup will appear on the Handheld confirming that data is ready to submit.  Tap OK

13.  HotSync your Handheld to send your data back to your PC. After HotSyncing, the data is sent back to CostGuard.  You can then use the import command to open it in the Count screen. 

14.  You’re now ready to import the data into CostGuard. On the same PC that you HotSynced from, open CostGuard.  Click Inventory, click Counts, click New.  Click the  button.  The Items and Counts from the Handheld will appear in the Count Purch\Pack column.

If you need to change any quantities, use your mouse or cursor to move to the item that you want to change.  Type in the new quantity and hit enter. 

15.  If you are called away, while entering in counts, click on the  to Suspend the Receipt.  When you come back, click Inventory, click Counts, and a reminder to finish the Suspended Receipt will appear.  You may also use the Suspend feature to have a manager review the work when it is finished.

16.  When you are finished entering in the counts for all of the locations, click the  to save the counts.

CostGuard will update the Counts.  You can now print Reports based on Counts. 


To continue to the next section: Edit or Delete a count, click here

To return to the main Enter a Count Screen, click here

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