To create accounting reports, calculate financial data, and determine food cost, you need to count your Inventory items, and enter the counts into CostGuard.  Because CostGuard creates count sheets by location, you can count an area or two, or the whole establishment at once.  You can use a hand-held device, a laptop, or print the sheets and later type your data in.  Once you enter a count, you can review it for accuracy and edit as needed.  CostGuard also has special security features that restrict who can edit a count and make changes.  For more information click here

CostGuard uses Counts as a basis for several Reports.  CostGuard uses Counts to calculate the ideal and actual Food Costs, and their variances.  For most of these reports, your Counts and their dates will serve as the beginning and ending numbers that CostGuard will reconcile.  The more often you count, the more accurate your Reports will be.  For more information on the Reports, click here

CostGuard will use Counts in the suggested Orders functions.  If you want to order inventory based on pars, then an accurate Count is needed before creating an Order. Counting can also correct inaccurate levels created by perpetual inventory depletions (such as sales).  For more information on Orders, click here


To print count sheets and enter your counts, click here.  This includes typing the counts in and carrying a laptop from area to area. 

To enter the counts with a hand-held device, click here.

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