Why input Sales Data?


Unlike most POS systems that have a fixed food cost amounts or percentages, CostGuard gives you the absolutely fresh food cost percentage for your establishment. The data in inventory is matched to Sales for up-to-date amounts for your establishment.


CostGuard’s Sales module links your Inventory Items to your Revenue, and allows the program to account for items sold.  When you download or type in the Sales Data, CostGuard depletes Inventory items from available for use, and triggers the reordering system.  It will also generate Food Cost Percentages, usage reports, and Sales Reports.  By tying the information together, CostGuard will alert you to potential problems and identify shrinkage.  For more information on the exact relationship between Sales, Recipes, and Inventory, click here.


CostGuard has three ways of entering Sales Data.  Click on the option that best describes how you wish to enter your sales data.  Most users pick one method to enter in the Sales Data.  Remember if you enter data for the same date more than once, CostGuard will add the results together.


If you just wish to type in a total Sales amount that corresponds to an Inventory Super Group to generate basic reports, click here.   This method will not create usage reports or deplete inventory. Using the next option gives you a much wider variety of reports to use in your establishment.


If you have a Cash Register, Electronic Cash Register (ECR), or Point of Sale (POS) system that uses a Price Look Up (PLU) function, then you can type the sales in, or possibly import them. To import the data from a POS, you need to purchase the optional POS interface from CostGuard.  For more information on entering sales with this method, click here.


If you want to type the sale information in, using the PLU numbers, you need to group your recipes and saleable items into menus.  You also need to tell CostGuard the PLU information.  To Start the Setup Process, click here.  You must do the setup process for this to work.


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