When you add a recipe unit to an Inventory Item, it changes the Unit Tab on the Inventory Screen, making this unit available every time you use this ingredient.

Changing Ingredient Units

When you click the  button, the Purch, (the “big” unit that you buy) Pack, (the smaller units within the “big” unit) and Recipe Units (the units you will use in a recipe) created earlier in the Inventory module are shown.  If you would like a quick review of units, click here. If the unit you want is not listed, it is easy to create.


1.       If the new unit is related to one of the original units, then highlight the related unit and click the Show Related Units box. 

A list of all related units will appear. Scroll down until you find the one you need.

2.       If the Unit that you want is not listed as a related unit, then click Edit Recipe Units.  This shows a conversion box.  Click the  for the Unit Pop-up Screen.  Use the mouse to find the Unit and click Select. 


CostGuard will return you to this screen.  You will need to add the # per Pack size, and the shrinkage percentage. CostGuard will calculate the Unit Cost.  When finished, click the  button.  Keep using the  and   to add more units as needed.  As this screen is the same as the Recipe Units on the Unit Tab in Inventory, click here for a review.

3.       When finished, click OK.  You will return to the first change unit popup, and, the unit that you just created will be listed.  Click on the new unit and click OK.

CostGuard will return to the ingredient qty and unit field.  Using the mouse, move the cursor to before the unit, and type in the amount.  The next time you use this ingredient this new unit will appear.

4.       Sometimes a recipe needs some adjusting, for example, you decide that it needs more pasta for better plate coverage.  Click on the Convert tab to adjust this ingredient only.  Use the arrow buttons to scale the quantity up or down.  Click Ok.  The new quantity and cost information is shown.  

If you want to adjust or scale all of the ingredients, click here for more information.