Match your fiscal year in CostGuard to your fiscal year in your accounting program or bookkeeping system to make to auditing easier.

Setting System Option

You can set the following options for the program. 

1.       Click Configuration, click System Options.

2.       The Options pop-up menu will appear.  Click on the first day of the week, and set your fiscal year ending date.

Setting the dates tells CostGuard parameters for cumulative Inventory and Sales Reports.  You can do counts on any day of the week.

3.       Check the confirmation when closing program box.

The confirmation box will prompt users to save data before exiting CostGuard.  Check this box to prevent lost data.

4.       If you want CostGuard to check for program updates automatically, check the second box.

This option requires an active internet connection, and your support function active.  Checking this box may delay startup for a few seconds.  Check that your firewall and security programs are set to allow this to happen.  If you do not wish to have automatic updates, then click Help and click Check for Updates on a regular basis. 



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