With the purchase of each Product Suite you receive 90 days free technical support. Technical support relates to technical questions such as “how do I install this on a server”, “what does this error code mean”, etc.

We know your time is limited. Should you need training, (training relates to “how do I use the software, enter ingredients, create batch recipes, import from my POS system” etc), as opposed to technical support, to get you going please see our training page.

Extended Support and Maintenance provides an entire year of unlimited phone, and e-mail technical support, maintenance releases for free, and upgrades (major new releases) at a discount. You’ll also receive priority notification of updates.

In addition you can login to this web page using the Support Login on the left. This will give you access to the Online Support Knowledge Base.

The cost of support is as follows:
15% of your total software order with purchase.
20% of your total software order after purchase.
5% added after every 6 months of expiration up to 2 years.
New license required after 2 years expiration.

We provide fast, efficient, and extremely helpful support.

“Thank you! That fixed the problem – I greatly appreciate your prompt help – I have to tell you, that I use a lot of different kinds of software in my job, and CostGuard’s customer support is the best, hands-down, that I have experienced! Just the fact that you respond to the emails is a big plus!”