Vendors and Suppliers

CostGuard partners with vendors to eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce errors for our users.
CostGuard can import order guides, import invoices/order confirmations, and export purchase orders.

The benefits of partnering with CostGuard are:

  • Increased corporate visibility. We have thousands of users in all 50 states and Canada
  • Increased sales: your product codes and names are automatically associated with the users inventory items in CostGuard


VendorTransport includes a CostGuard standard interface. The file layouts are explained below.

We are happy to expand our interface partners. Please contact us directly with any questions or for additional details.

Participating suppliers are included in the CostGuard select list, are displayed on our web page, and are included in our marketing materials. There’s no cost to the suppliers.


An example of how an imported item should appear in a csv file when using the above specifications:

“APPLESAUCE PLASTIC CONT”,”case”,”48 OZ”,8,37.86,200095,”48 oz”,”Food”
All alphanumerical fields need quotes around them.

Please contact Matthew Starobin at extension 11 to discuss a partnership.