The key to your profitability is both a selling price that achieves your profit target and keeping a handle on your variances.

CostGuard hotel foodservice software provides all the critical management tools you need for a successful operation. You can only accomplish this WITH ACCURATE PORTION FOOD COSTS and intimate knowledge of your inventory. CostGuard ALWAYS calculates recipes at your current costs, so you’re assured of accuracy and it tracks your inventory from the moment it arrives through it’s use or waste.

Does your hotel have multiple cost centers? Do you have one or more restaurants, one or more bars and a catering hall?

With CostGuard you can receive your goods in one central area and then track the transfer of those goods to each cost center. There is no limit to the number of cost centers (we call them units) you can maintain.

Each of those cost centers can also track their own food costs and inventory levels. When levels are low they can request goods from central purchasing.

Recommended for Hotels, Banquets and Casinos, the Prime Suite, consisting of:


How the Prime Suite can Benefit Hotels, Banquet and Casino foodservice:

Instant “pre-cost” information updated automatically based on your most current food costs.
Standardize recipes using unlimited ingredients and/or sub-recipes. Stylized entry of your recipe method that can include multi-media.

Scale your menu to your guest count and create consolidated production sheets with a single keystroke. The same items and quantities can be added automatically to the Shopping Cart for instant replenishment.

Complete cost accounting for centralized disbursements to other cost centers (room service, banquets, outlets, etc.)

The Multi-Unit Controller is a dynamic module lets you manage multiple units (cost center) from the same computer. Multiple units can be in the same physical location (e.g., hotels, hospitals, clubs, multi-concept restaurants, cruise ships, etc.), or separate facilities (multi-unit ownership, chains, franchises, management groups, etc.) Tutorial…

Transfers is a major addition to the multi-unit controller. Transfers are designed to move inventory from one CostGuard unit to another. In order to transfer, you must have multiple units, and you must have the Transfer version of the multi-unit controller.

Transfers allow you to run perpetual inventory for different cost centers. If the transferred item doesn’t exist in the receiving location, then it’s added automatically to that database! You don’t need to key in items for new units; they’re added automatically.

Here’s a more detailed explanation from the Tutorial…

Complete control of your entire operation! Receiving, counting, food costing, usage reporting, menu engineering, etc.



I have been using CostGuard for over 25 years…. It has always stayed cutting edge keeping with the demands of this bottom line driven hospitality industry. I have used CostGuard as the executive chef of hotels, country clubs, and as corporate including cruise ships. Once the inventory and recipes are entered to your specifications, the financial side of the chefs, owner or the cost controller jobs is done accurately by CostGuard.

I now teach culinary and am chef of the Australian International Hotel School in Canberra Australia and I not only use CostGuard for my cost controls but use it to teach the advantages of cost control program using CostGuard as the example to international students that are learning to be Hospitality Managers. I always suggest to someone getting into the culinary industry to start to use this type of a program from the beginning as it will be your record of the recipes in you history as a chef.

Dennis Clews, Executive Chef
Australian International Hotel School