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The CostGuard Educational Version (CG-Educator) software is uniquely designed to assist both hospitality management and culinary instruction. It’s the best way to deliver application based culinary and restaurant training and education.

I have been using CostGuard for over 25 years…. It has always stayed cutting edge keeping with the demands of this bottom line driven hospitality industry. I have used CostGuard as the executive chef of hotels, country clubs, and as corporate including cruise ships. Once the inventory and recipes are entered to your specifications, the financial side of the chefs, owner or the cost controller jobs is done accurately by CostGuard.

I now teach culinary and am chef of the Australian International Hotel School in Canberra Australia and I not only use CostGuard for my cost controls but use it to teach the advantages of cost control program using CostGuard as the example to international students that are learning to be Hospitality Managers. I always suggest to someone getting into the culinary industry to start to use this type of a program from the beginning as it will be your record of the recipes in you history as a chef.

Dennis Clews, Executive Chef
Australian International Hotel School

Best of all, we’ve created lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations so can quickly and effectively adopt CostGuard into your curriculum.

Here’s how it works.

We offer two solutions for culinary educators:
1. A free yearly license for your lab network(s) that includes as many workstation and student activations as you need. The cost per student is $25.00 per year, or $45.00 for 2 years; implementation is on a network. Each student can have their own database, so you can see their work easily.; you can purchase and sell this directly or through the bookstore.

2. CostGuard is now available for direct student purchase for $25 per license per year, which is a fraction of its regular price.

With either type of purchase students will have access to ALL of CostGuard. Your department automatically receives a complete documented copy of CostGuard for Windows including network, multi-unit capability, and all interfaces, a value of nearly $5,000.00. This is a yearly license that is automatically renewed as long as you maintain your purchases of Student Fees.

In addition, you also receive free Lesson Plans and PowerPoint presentations. You’ll introduce CostGuardseamlessly and quickly.

Obviously, the student fee for CostGuard is much cheaper than any textbook they purchase.


CG-Educator is a tremendous tool for management and culinary training. It’s real software used by the trade: much more than a simulation or a limited demo. Students know when they’re using a real tool, and benefit greatly from experience with industry-grade software. Potential applications include:


Inventory Control Cooking and Baking
Purchasing Banquets and Catering
Menu Planning Beverage Management
Computers in Foodservice Quantity Cooking


This is a unique opportunity to deliver the technological skills you students require in order to succeed, and there’s no cost to your school.

For more information, and to sign up for the CG-EDUCATIONAL Version program, please click CG-Educator Overview and Application


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