The key to your profitability is a selling price that achieves your profit target.

CostGuard club foodservice software provides all the critical management tools you need for a successful operation. You can only accomplish this WITH ACCURATE PORTION FOOD COSTS. CostGuard ALWAYS calculates recipes at your current costs, so you’re assured of accuracy.

I thought I would share with you a very valuable tool that I discovered that CostGuard can do. I am about 12 days away from the (tournament).
That is an event with over 13,000 meals in about 9 different locations.
Anyway, what I did is to create a menu for each area, then I created a menu of menus for each day, there I put in how many people I would be feeding in each area, then I created a menu of those days. From there I was able to create an order guide by vendor. This has made my job so much easier when you are trying to calculate an order of this magnitude. The total order came to 26,000. What fun…

F&B Director

I have been using CostGuard for over 25 years…. It has always stayed cutting edge keeping with the demands of this bottom line driven hospitality industry. I have used CostGuard as the executive chef of hotels, country clubs, and as corporate including cruise ships. Once the inventory and recipes are entered to your specifications, the financial side of the chefs, owner or the cost controller jobs is done accurately by CostGuard.

Dennis Clews, Executive Chef
Australian International Hotel School

Recommended for Clubs, the Prime Suite, consisting of:


How the Prime Suite can Benefit Club foodservice:

Instant “pre-cost” information updated automatically based on your most current food costs.
Standardize recipes using unlimited ingredients and/or sub-recipes. Stylized entry of your recipe method that can include multi-media.

Scale your menu to your guest count and create consolidated production sheets with a single keystroke. The same items and quantities can be added automatically to the Shopping Cart for instant replenishment.

Complete cost accounting for centralized disbursements to other cost centers (banquets, outlets, etc.)

The Multi-Unit Controller provides management of multiple outlets (cost center) in the same facility (e.g., banquets, bar, restaurant, pool bar, snack cart, etc.,)

Transfers is a major addition to the multi-unit controller. Transfers are designed to move inventory from one CostGuard unit to another. In order to transfer, you must have multiple units, and you must have the Transfer version of the multi-unit controller.

Transfers allow you to run perpetual inventory for different cost centers. If the transferred item doesn’t exist in the receiving location, then it’s added automatically to that database! You don’t need to key in items for new units; they’re added automatically.

Here’s a more detailed explanation from the Tutorial…

Complete control of your entire operation! Receiving, counting, food costing, usage reporting, menu engineering, etc.