It’s essential that your drinks are prepared to specification, and that your pour costs are properly managed.


You need to know if there are any problems as quickly as possible! CostGuard liquor and bar software controls all aspects of your bar inventory and costing.

Recommended for Bars, the Prime Suite, consisting of:


How the Prime Suite can Benefit your bar:

Enter as much detail as you want for your mixed drinks; CostGuard can track your pours and your mixers!

Actual vs. ideal: the key report. CostGuard will report variance (shrinkage) for your entire operation, and allow you to drill down TO THE SPECIFIC ITEM to analyze exactly where your problems are. Problems with your drafts? Bottles? Mixed drinks? CostGuard identifies your EXACT shrinkage issues.

Simply counting your inventory puts workers on notice that someone is watching. That process alone can and will lower your food costs.

Store items in multiple locations, print count sheets, and sort items by sub-locations to match your layout. Count as often as you want. Print extension reports instantly by locations, groups (e.g., domestic beer, premium vodka etc), cost centers, etc. You can also import count information from liquor control systems and other inventory control software.

No need to create recipes for bottles of beer and wine! You can sell these items directly.

Track your sales mix information for any period of time. CostGuard provides an instant analysis of your most and least popular and profitable items. Customized reports help you make informed decisions about your bar’s cost-effectiveness. Sales Analysis provides an instant “perfect” or “theoretical” cost based on your most current inventory costs.

The POS interface reads the sales mix directly into Sales Analysis, CostGuard combines this information with your actual inventory prices to give you correct food costing resulting in correct decisions.