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Choice Suite $495 includes:

Unbundled value is $990.00

Prime Suite $895 includes:

Unbundled value is $1,535.00

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Multiple Cost Centers

Multi-Unit Controller

  • manage multiple units (cost centers) from the same computer


  • move inventory and prepped recipes between cost centers

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Two options:
1. Desktop trial version CostGuard

2. Or our new CLOUD food costing software reciProfity!!

No need to re-enter data when you purchase!
System Requirements

With the purchase of each Product Suite you receive 90 days free unlimited support. System Requirements

Each Suite is licensed to one PC. For additional workstations please see Networking on the Buy Now page.

Use the links above to search by operation type: Restaurants, Retail, Prepared Foods, Bakeries, Delis, Hotels, Casinos, Catering, Bars, Corporate, Institutional, Production/Commissary.

Or view each product individually – recipe, inventory, sales, nutrition and all the other interfaces we offer POS, accounting, catering, multiple cost centers.

Download the free trial version and give it a test drive.

All Product Suite modules share the same data, so there’s never any need to re-enter information.

CostGuardĀ® software helps you manage a more successful food service business:

  • Controls costs
  • Saves you time and maximizes profit
  • Calculates and reduces your actual food costs
  • Detects price creep and controls counts
  • Reports levels and usage by item, group, and supergroup (e.g., food, supplies, liquor)

CostGuard foodservice software instantly re-calculates recipes and menus. Your ideal cost is optimized because CostGuard suggests selling prices based on global and category targets. Menu engineering reports identify “winners and losers,” and truly help maximize your sales potential and profit.

CostGuard calculates shrinkage (or loss) by major food group, smaller groups, and even by the actual item. ‘Alert’ reports show usage and shrinkage sorted by dollar amounts. Every saved dollar goes directly to your “bottom line.”

CostGuard foodservice software does it all: inventory control; recipe, menu, and liquor costing; nutrition; sales management; interfaces with suppliers, POS, accounting and catering systems.

See a side by side comparison of the Choice and Prime Suites