Take a few minutes of time to set up the weight/measure relationship in the beginning. It will pay off in the end with accurate recipes, orders and requisitions.

Weight/Measure Relationships

Quick – What is heavier: a pound of flour, or a pound of dried beans?  Answer: Neither, they both weigh the same.  It is just that a pound of flour will have 4 cups (volume) and a pound of beans has 2 ½ cups.


Each Food Item has its own unique weight/measure relationship, and CostGuard needs to know this to calculate recipes correctly. 

You will need to find this information and type it in for CostGuard to work. 


To view the Weight/Measure Relationships:

1.      Click the  button on the Unit Tab.  It will lead you to a webpage with weight/measure relationships.

2.      The item’s Nutritional information on the box or case will give serving sizes in Volume, while the Weight of the item is on the front of the box.  

3.       Quantity Food Cookbooks will usually have Weight/Measure tables in the Appendices