Sales Mix gives you a quick overview of your sales and what it costs you to make these items. Keep an eye on these figures to make sure you are within budget.

Sales Mix: Financial Considerations

After the Quantity Sold information is in the program, CostGuard calculates several financial fields for you.  An explanation of each is below.


From the Sales Mix Detail Window (lower part of the screen)

The information on the bottom part of the screen is for each recipe, saleable item, or ingredient that you have on the menu.


Cost Unit: CostGuard transfers the most recent unit or single serving cost of this dish to this field.  To confirm it is a fresh cost, minimize the Sales Mix Window and open the recipe.


Total Cost:  This is the Unit cost of the dish multiplied by the number sold.


Sells for Unit: CostGuard transfers the Sells for Price that you entered in earlier. 


Sells for Total: This is the Unit Sells for multiplied by the Quantity Sold.  Also referred to as the Sales Extension for a menu item



From the Sales Mix Info Window (top part of the screen)

This section totals all of the information from the lower screen.


Total Qty: this is the total of the Quantity Sold Column


Total Cost: CostGuard adds up the Total Costs for each Recipe and gives you the total.  This is how much you should have spent on the Inventory items used in the Recipes.  This is your ideal or theoretical Food Cost for the day.


Total Sales: CostGuard adds up the Total Sales for each Recipe.  This is how much money you should have received for the day’s activity.  It should match the totals from the Cashier’s Report or the “Z” reports from your POS or cash register.


Total Food Cost: Total Cost divided by Total Sales, this is your projected Food Cost Percentage for the day.  You should compare this to your ideal or target food cost percentage.


After the Sales data is in, and the totals are calculated, you can print this screen by clicking the  icon.  The Sales Reports section includes other tools that you can use to manage your operation.  For more information on Sales Reports, click here.