If you are using this method to enter sales, create two Super Groups: Food and Alcohol. Key your cash register, if possible, to match the Super Groups for easy data entry.

Sales Entry - Manual

If you do not own a POS system, CostGuard has an option to enter sales data to generate cost reports.  You can enter the sales data over a range of dates, using the end date of the period for tracking purposes.


Why take the time to do this?  By entering the dollar amounts in CostGuard, you can generate cost reports that compare actual to ideal which help you manage your business.  CostGuard will create a simple report based on the Sales and Costs associated with this Super Group.  While it may not be as detailed as entering Sales by PLU, it will give you a start with financial controls.


1.       Click Sales, click Enter Sales Manually

2.       The Manual Sales Pop-up window will appear. 

3.       Click   at the end of Super Groups.  The Super Group popup menu appears.  Use the Search for or scroll bar to find the Super Group that you need.  Make sure that the  is to the left of the Super Group that you want.  Click Select

If you would like more information on Super Groups click here.

4.       CostGuard will return to the Sales Entry pop-up.  Click the button at the end of Sale Date. 

The date popup will appear.  Today’s date is blue with a red circle around it.  If you want today, then click the circle to enter it.  To choose another date in this month, then move your cursor to that date and click on it.  To go to a previous month, click  button.  Keep clicking this button until you get to the month that you want. Today’s date, or if you highlighted another date will still be blue in that previous month.  Find the date that you want and click on it. 

5.       Move to Sales.  Type in the dollar amount of sales for that Super Group.

If you click the at the end of the field, a calculator will popup.  Use it for your calculations, and when you click the equal sign, the dollar amount will appear in the Sales field.

6.       When finished, click OK.  If you do not want to save the sales, click Cancel.

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