Don't think of Prep Station as valuable for only large kitchens. A smaller kitchen can use it to watch for waste and prep problems.

Prep Stations Setup

Prep Stations are designated areas where staff preps Inventory Items before final cooking or serving.  Most kitchens have a hot and cold line prep area. Some larger production kitchens may have special rooms such as a butcher shop or salad bar prep.  Other kitchens may have designated rooms large enough to specify certain tables or stations for prepping specific Inventory Items.


Later, if you use the Requisition feature in CostGuard, it will sort your Inventory and Prep Recipes based on Prep Station.  This is a handy feature to sort cold prep and hot prep items for banquets, catering, and other prepared meals.


CostGuard has a Prep Station feature in the Inventory section.  You can use it to enter specific prep areas for each ingredient that you have.  If you do not have Prep Stations, you can leave the field blank.

1.       Click Inventory, click Setup, click Prep Stations.

2.       To add a Prep Station, click the  sign.  Type in the Name of the Prep Station.  Hit enter to save.

To delete a Prep Station, move your cursor so that the  is to the left of the station name.  Click the  to delete.

3.       Click the   sign to save the Prep Station.

4.       Keep using the   and    to enter as many Prep Stations as needed.

5.       When finished entering the Prep Stations, click Close.

6.       If you would like to see a list of Prep Stations that you have entered into CostGuard, click Inventory, click Reports, and click the button before Names List.  Click Next, then Print to Print the List.

This Report shows all of the Names you have entered into CostGuard.  For more information on this Report, click here.



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