More Shopping Cart Features


After you save a Shopping Cart Order, you can still edit and delete it. For more information on changing the order, click here.

Shopping Cart has following features designed to make your Ordering Process easier. 

1.       You can Print the Order from the bottom Window.

Click  to send the Shopping Cart Order to the Printer. 

2.       You can Save the Preview Report from the bottom Window.

Click    save it as a text file for future reference.  You can then open the report in a Word Processing Program.  If you want to open the Order in CostGuard, click Inventory, click Edit/Delete Order.  For more information on editing orders, click here.

3.       To Clear a Report in the bottom Window, click the  button.

4.       The Shopping Cart has a handy Purchasing Recap Feature.  Highlight the Item that you wish to see.  Make sure that the  is to the left of the item.  Click the  button.

The Purchasing Recap shows the date, Vendor, Invoice Number, Quantity, Cost, and Extension for the Item you selected.  Use Purchasing Recap to review your Receipts of Items.

5.       Use the Sort by Group Name feature in Shopping Cart to detail your purchases by Groups.

To Sort by Group Name, click the  button at the end of Sort By.  CostGuard will then change the Screen to show items sorted by Group Name.  Use the  to move from Group to Group.  All of the Items that you ordered with this Group will appear.  The Total number of items in this Group and the Total Cost will appear on the far right side of the screen.  This may be an easier way to review your purchases.  You can also change the quantity and Vendors from this Screen.  You can also add and delete items from this screen.


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