Use this feature to quickly replicate cheeses, sizes of burgers and other meat items, types of breads and rolls, and other similar items. If you sell alcohol, then using the copy command will quickly create all of your Inventory Items.

Inventory Copy Command

Do you want to enter similar items fast?  Use the Copy Command.  Most foodservice establishments will have similar items within their inventory.  The Copy Command will quickly replicate them.  


For example, use the Copy Command to:



To Copy Items

Start by creating the Inventory Item you want to copy.  Save it, and close.

1.       Click Inventory, Click Inventory Manager

2.       Find the Inventory Item from the list.  Make sure the  is to the left of the name.  Click the  button.

3.       The Copy pop-up box will appear.  Click the button before Make a copy of Selected item.  Click OK

4.       Another popup will appear.  Type in the New item name.  Click OK

5.       CostGuard will return you to the Inventory Manager Screen.  Find the item you just created.  Make sure the  is to the left of the name.  Click Edit to open the new item and make changes.

The copy command copies most information, but does not copy information which is specific to the item, such as the vendor code, count dates, and quantity on hand.  The Edit screen lets you make changes to any field.  Make the changes, and when you are finished, click Close to save.  If you would like more information on editing, click here.