Entering Counts: Starting the Process


CostGuard saves your slected locations in order, so as soon as you have them the way you like, the counts sheets will be in the same order the next time.

If you are using HandGuard, click here.


Before you can enter a Count, you need to select your Locations.  Once you choose the Location, you can begin typing in the quantities.  If you are using a laptop with CostGuard, you can move from room to room entering in the information.

You can begin the Count process from the  icon or click Inventory, then click Counts to begin.  Once the select Location screen appears, follow the directions below.

1.       The Select Locations Tab will appear.

The screen is divided in two sections.  On the right side is available locations, and the left the locations you are going to count.  Highlight the first Location that you want to count on the right side of the Screen.  Double click or drag or the Location from the right to the left side of the screen.  Repeat for each Location that you wish to count. To remove a location, double click or drag the Location from the left to the right side of the screen.

2.       After you have selected your Locations, use the  arrows to re-order them to match the physical layout of your establishment.

When the Count Sheets print out, CostGuard will sort them by sub location, then alphabetically.  For more information on creating sub locations, click here.

3.       If you want to count from a printed sheet, then click on the printer icon.  You will then see the preview screen, and then click on the  to print the forms. 

If you want to change what is on the form, click here to go to Inventory Setup.  From that screen, you can print “on hand” quantities.

If you want to keep certain Groups, such as Labor costs and taxes off the count sheet, then go to Group Setup.

4.       Now, go and physically count the inventory on the shelves.  When finished, return here and click for the next step.


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