CostGuard's Reports provide the information that you want and need. The powerful query capabilities give you all of the information that you could possibly want. And, since you can customize the information, it will show you what you need.


CostGuard uses the information that you have in the Inventory, Recipe, and Sales Modules to create Reports.  While a transaction shows what happened, Reports compile data from several sources in the program and give you the information in an easy to use format.  Reports are tools that you use to manage your business.  You use them to find discrepancies between what should happen and what did happen.  You can use them to order, and alert you to price increases.  You can use them to manage your recipes, and find ways to use up excess ingredients.  You can use them to analyze historical sales and maximize your menu potential.


Each of CostGuard’s modules has its own report section.  In some cases, a Report will combine information from other modules.  Off the main menu, CostGuard has options that will allow you to set the days of the week and your fiscal year information.  For more information on that process, click here.


Before CostGuard generates a Report, you can customize the information.  You can choose certain items, recipes, groups, or categories for review.  You can sort the information several different ways to concentrate on certain vendors, locations, or categories.  And, you can use the detail box to show everything, or just the totals.  This versatility allows you to create the reports you need for your operation.  For more information on setting options, click here.  If you are the bookkeeper and want more information on which reports you need to use, click here


You can save Reports in CostGuard.  Saving a Report allows you to open it later on, and use for comparisons.  Saved Reports can help with your audit trail and other financial details.  Saved Reports also serve as a recap for the day, week, or other accounting period.  Saving Reports allow you to look back and see the details of previous periods, and to share important information with colleagues.

You can find Reports off the main menu of each Module.


Select an option below for more details on each Module’s Reports. 

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