Keep the check in the Preview Report box. Then you can look at a report before printing it, saving you money and paper.

Report Options

Once you choose the options, CostGuard will remember them during your session.  You can change your options them if you desire.  Each of the different report types has different sorting options.  The tutorial covers the available options in the Inventory, Recipe, and Sales Reports section of the tutorial.  After you choose the report and the data, a final pop-up will appear.  Use this screen to manage how CostGuard displays your reports: on the computer, or sent directly to the printer.



In the Additional Options window, check the “Preview Report” box to display the results on your computer screen.  Click the  button and you will see the report.  Once it is displayed, you can click the  to print it.  If this box is not checked, the report will go directly to the printer.  At the bottom of the screen, CostGuard will tell you how many pages are in this Report.


Check the box next to “Show Detail” to show all of the details associated with this report.  If this box is not checked, then you will receive a summary of the information.  For example, this is a Sales Mix Report featuring desserts.  The first example shows a detail report. 





This second report shows the same information in a summary format.




If this box is gray, then detail option is not available for that particular report.  Whether you check the box or not depends on your needs and who is going to use the report.  Since this popup appears before each report, you can decide at that time.

You can click Previous to go back to the report selection screen, and click cancel to cancel the report.

When displayed on the Screen

If you checked the Preview Report Screen, then the following menu bar will appear across the top.  From this menu bar, you can do the following:



 Zoom to Fit


 100% or show how the Report will look like when it is printed


 Zoom to Width


  Go to First Page of the Report


 Go to Previous Page of the Report


 Go to Next Page of the Report


  Go to Last Page of the Report


  Printer Setup – Use this icon if you want to print some, but not all of the pages


 If you are in display mode, prints the report.


  Saves the displayed report.  You can open it later.


 Opens a saved report.  The new report will overwrite the report on the screen.


 Closes the screen.  Unless you saved the report, it is now gone.