Recipe Module uses the Inventory items to create different dishes that you serve in your establishment. A recipe is a series of steps that a cook follows to create a dish.  Most restaurants and foodservice operations create standardized recipes so each time a dish is prepared the same ingredients are used with the same quantities and the same methods.  By standardizing recipes, a foodservice operation can control costs by ordering the correct amount of ingredients.  In institutional foodservice, standardized recipes are the foundation for costing, nutritional analysis and compliance with certain guidelines.

Since CostGuard creates links between Inventory, Recipes and Sales, it leaves you time to manage your operation instead of endlessly calculating how all of these items interact.  After entering Recipes, you can

CostGuard has five different types of recipes: Serving, Prep Recipe, Menu, Food List and Prep Build.  Each of the five recipe types has a different purpose and use in CostGuard.  For a detailed description of the different types, click here.   

If you have entered in your Inventory Items, you can go directly to adding Recipes.  There is a Recipe Setup where you can change options and create Categories.  If you like, you can complete that section later.  This tutorial begins with entering a new Recipe and an explanation of the six tabs.  After that, the tutorial will go through all of CostGuard’s special Recipe features.  Finally, the tutorial will link to the Recipe Report Section with all of the details on your recipes in one spot.  To see a preview of the type of Reports CostGuard can generate in this section, click here