Recipe Manager

Recipe Manager lists all of the Recipes that you have entered in CostGuard.  From this screen, you can edit, copy, and print various recipes. 

To get to Recipe Manager, either click Recipe, then Recipe Manager or click, the Recipe Manager Icon.  

The left side of Recipe Manager shows the Recipes you have entered.  The Name, Recipe Type, Yield Cost, and Portion Cost are shown.   As you scroll up and down, the right side will list that recipe’s ingredients, quantity, and units for quick reference.  While you cannot edit ingredients from this screen, it is handy for if you are browsing for recipes that use certain ingredients.

From Recipe Manager, you can do the following:

Filter:  You can search for recipes that met certain criteria.  Click the  button for the Filter menu. Or, place your cursor in the main body of the Recipe Manager and right click for the fill command.   Click the  arrow after each term to search by the selected criteria.  Category will return every recipe with that category listed first.  Recipe Type will return one of the five recipe types.  Location will return Prep Recipes stored in specific locations.  The filtered list will appear on the left side.  To show all the recipes again, click the  button.

Print:  If you click the  icon, an alphabetical list of recipes will print.  To print specific recipes, use your mouse or the scroll bar to highlight the recipe that you want to print.  Click the small box in front of the name.  Click  at the bottom of the screen.  Right clicking will bring up the Print menu as well.  You can use the filter command first to print only specific recipes.  For other options when printing reports, click here.  For information on printing Recipe Reports, click here

Create a New Recipe:  Click the  at the bottom of the screen to create a new recipe. This will bring up the copy pop-up box where you can quickly copy recipes.  For more information on how to copy a recipe, click here

Edit a Recipe:  If you need to edit a recipe, click the  button.  The Edit command will also let you open up the recipe for converting, printing, nutritional analysis, requisitions, or prep builds. If you would like more information on Editing Recipes, click here

Delete a Recipe: To delete a recipe, use the mouse or arrows to check the box in front of the name of the recipe.  Click the  button to delete the recipe.  You will have a confirmation pop-up before deletion. If a recipe is used in another recipe, you cannot delete it until you change the other recipe.  You also cannot delete Recipes with any Sales or Inventory Transactions.

All:  Use  button to select ALL of the recipes on the left side of the screen.  For example, you want to print all Prep Recipes.  Use the Filter Command to find Prep Recipes, then click All to select the recipes, then Print.  Once you click All, a corresponding None button will appear, if you wish to change your mind.

Export:  Select one or more recipes by clicking the box to the left, and then click  to export them to the Catering Interface to link to Catering Programs.  For more information on this feature, click here

Import: This button allows you to import CostGuard recipes and their ingredients from a disk or email.  For more information on importing, click here

Sales Recap:  If the recipe is a menu, check the box in front of the recipe name, and click Review.  A quick overview of the Sales for this menu will appear.