Demo Mode  

CostGuard designed Demo Mode to give you the customer, a feel for the program and how it can help your operations.  Demo Mode is a trial version of CostGuard.  Demo Mode includes two units: SAMP and MAIN.  SAMP is designed for training purposes, and it is fully functional in Demo Mode. SAMP does have limits on the number of items you can enter in the unit A separate part of the business with its own sales and costs.. The other unit, MAIN would be used for actual operations.  In Demo Mode, MAIN has restrictions on the number of items, and printing.

To use CostGuard in Demo Mode, whenever you open the program, you will see this screen below. Click the  button to use Demo Mode.  After you had a chance to use CostGuard, when you wish to purchase it, click the  button.  You will be connected to our secure webpage to purchase the product.


Once you have purchased CostGuard, you do not need to reinstall it.  Simply click here to connect to the activation sequence to unlock the full functionality of the program.