Check Integrity

Each unit’s data is stored in a separate directory on your hard drive.  Check Integrity syncs your internal unit A separate part of the business with its own sales and costs. names with the corresponding folder names on your hard drive. Check Integrity will check all files and make sure they “read” the same.

1.      Click Start, click [All] Programs, click CostGuard, and then Click Multi-Unit Controller.

The Multi-Unit Controller will appear.  Click the  button.

2.      The Check Integrity popup will appear.  Click Check to start the process.


3.      After checking, if there are any discrepancies, they will appear in the windows. 

Click Remove from Database to remove duplicate files.  Click Create database entries to add in ones that are missing.  Click Remove Temporary Files to clean up the temporary files that are generated by this process.

4.      If the data is fine, then you will see a confirmation popup telling you that the data is in sync.  Click OK to exit.