Backing up and Restoring Data

CostGuard does not have an automatic back-up program.  Please get into the habit of backing up your data on a regular basis.  Before backing up or restoring data, make sure you close CostGuard.

1.      To find the directory with your data, view the Costguard.ini file.  Jot down the name of the file after the command “Data=”.

For more information on how to view the CostGuard.ini file, click here.  Once you know the location of the file, close CostGuard before starting the backup.

2.      This is the data that you must backup.  The method that you use to backup the information to a disk is up to you.  If you are not sure how to do this, please contact a technician who can help.

3.      To Restore your data, in case it is lost or damaged beyond use, copy it back to the data folder.   Make sure that CostGuard is closed before starting this procedure.

After copying, you will need to open CostGuard and re-enter any transactions such as receipts, requisitions, and orders that happened since that date.  Alternatively, you can enter in a new count for all Inventory Items. If you choose this option – please a make a note of the missing transaction dates so your accountant can make the appropriate adjustments.