Are you tired of checking prices from multiple purveyors looking for the best price on an Inventory item?  CostGuard will track prices from Vendors for you, and later, you can use this information to create orders.  CostGuard calls this process a Bid. 

CostGuard considers a Bid a promise from a Vendor.  When you enter a Bid, it can be used to fill in the pricing for Orders and Receipts.  If you are pricing out a party, you can use the Bid feature to calculate your ingredient costs.  You will still need to check the pricing when you enter the Receipts.  If you do not want to use Bids, you can simply enter new prices as the items are received. 

CostGuard has two different ways to enter in a Bid.  You can choose either method.  If you have more than one Vendor, you can use one method for one Vendor, and the second method for another Vendor.

If you have the optional VendorTransport, and an electronic order guide from your Vendor(s), click here. 

To update pricing information from a Vendor, click here.