Editing an Inventory Item

You can edit your Inventory Items in CostGuard.  The Edit Feature access to all three tabs: Main, Units, and Ordering.  You can change any field in those three tabs. 

Remember that Editing just changes the information: it is still there in the Inventory Database.  If you want delete an Inventory Item completely, then click here.  

If you are entering in physical Inventory counts, then click here to show you how to do that.  If you want to enter in bid prices, click here for an easier way to do that.

To Edit an Item

1.      Click Inventory, click Edit Item.  Click the down arrow at the end of the field.  Use your mouse to move down the list of Inventory Items.  Find the item you wish to edit and make sure it is highlighted.  Click OK

Or, Click Inventory, Click Inventory Manager.  Then use the Scroll bar, or the arrows to find the Inventory Item that you wish to edit.  Make sure the  is to the left of the item.  Click the  button.  CostGuard will show the Inventory Item and all of the details.

2.      Editing an Inventory Item follows the same screens that you used for typing in Inventory Items.  To review the information in the three tabs, click here.  

3.      Make your changes.  When finished, click Close.  A second window will ask if you wish to save the changes.  Click Yes to save, Cancel to go back to the screen, and No to abandon the changes.


To continue with the Tutorial and go to Inventory Manager, click here

To return to the Enter a New Item screen, click here.