Using the Copy Command on the Multi-Unit Screen

If your establishments are very similar, and share the same Inventory Items and Recipes, you can use the Copy Command from the Multi-Unit Controller.  This Copy Command creates a new unit A separate part of the business with its own sales and costs. identical to the old unit.  Do not confuse this Copy Command with the similar ones in Inventory and Recipe as those commands only work within a unit, not between units.

The best way to use this command is right after you create a new unit.  If you add any data to the unit, then use the Multi-Unit Copy Command, all of your original data will be lost.  You can always add more Inventory items and Recipes after using this command.  Finally, this command will transfer the details of your data, but will not transfer historical records of the old Unit.


1.      From the Main Screen of your computer, click Start, click [All] Programs, click CostGuard, and then Click Multi-Unit Controller.

Since you are using the Multi-Unit Controller to Copy, you need to exit CostGuard, and enter the Multi-Unit Controller from the main menu of your computer. 


2.      Click the  button.


3.      Click the  next to Source Unit.  All of your units will appear.  Use the mouse to highlight the Source Unit.  Hit Enter.

The Source Unit is the one with the Recipes and Inventory Items.  It is your “from” unit, or original unit.

4.      Click the  next to Destination Unit.  All of your units will appear.  Use the mouse to highlight the Destination Unit.  Hit Enter.

The Destination Unit is the blank or new unit.  It is your “to” unit, or the new unit you just created.

5.      Click the  button.  Your Recipes and Inventory Items will copy to the New Unit.

6.      Exit the Multi-Unit Controller.  Start CostGuard, and Open the New Unit. 

For more information on switching between the units, click here.  

7.      Go to Inventory.  The most recent count and cost data from the Old Unit transferred.  Enter in a Count for the New Unit if you are using the Inventory Module.

CostGuard transferred the Most Recent Price for costing.  You will need to enter a new count to reflect what is on the shelves at the new establishment.  For more information on counts, click here.  The historical information, including receipts and reports did not transfer: they will not be in the new unit.

8.      While in Inventory, delete any unneeded items, and add any that were not in the original unit.

Occasionally, products that are available in one area are not available in another.  At this point, you may wish to “clean up” your Inventory items in the new unit.  For more information on how to do this, click here

9.      Go to Recipe.  Delete any not needed, and add new recipes for this unit.

If you would like to learn more about this, click here

10.  When finished, this unit is fully loaded and ready to go. 



If you purchased the Transfer Module, click here for information on that program. 

If you would like to return to the Enter a New Inventory Item, click here. 

If you would like to continue in the tutorial, click here.