The first part of the program is the Inventory Module where you enter your ingredients into CostGuard.  When you enter ingredients, you are saving money, as this writes a specification for each item.  The Inventory Module can save you time by doing all of the tedious calculations.  And, the Inventory Module can save effort by minimizing bookkeeping errors from transferring information from one program to another.

CostGuard designed the Inventory Program to make your life easier.  CostGuard has five different ways to enter in ingredients, allowing you to choose the one that meets your needs.  You can import ingredients from a spreadsheet with CG-XL, or download electronically with Vendor Transport.  Order by Vendor lets you choose how you want to order your ingredients based on your needs.  Then, you can send the Order to your vendor electronically with Vendor Transport. You can enter Counts and Orders with a handheld using HandGuard™.  The Accounting Program will painlessly transfer your Invoices into your bookkeeping program.   

CostGuard was designed to be an integral part of your Food Cost Control Program.  You can use CostGuard for all of the number crunching to ensure that your ingredients are being used the way you want them used.  CostGuard supports your Receiving Controls by checking that what you ordered shows up at the shop.  It also supports your Inventory Controls by calculating what should be on the shelves.

Since CostGuard creates links between Inventory, Recipes and Sales, it leaves you time to manage your operation instead of endlessly calculating how all of these items interact.  After entering Inventory Items, you can

Later, after you have entered in your Inventory Items, you can run Reports which will show your problem areas and how to rectify the situation.  Inventory Reports will give you Alerts which help you manage your operation.

To begin using the Inventory, CostGuard will need some information.  You will have to create your Vendors before you can enter in all of the ingredient information.  If you have just purchased CostGuard and want to begin the Setup program, click here.  

If you are upgrading from an older version of CostGuard, click here.

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