You can use the Tool bar or Menus for all commands in CostGuard. You can switch between menus and Tools bars if you want.

Edit Menu

You can use the Edit Menu to manage your current transactions.  These same options will appear if you right-click your mouse while entering transactions.  This tutorial shows the matching icons.


  Suspend Transaction suspends the current transaction.  This shortcut will only be available while you are working with a transaction such as receipts, or sales mix.


  Save Transaction saves the current transaction. 


 Cancel Transaction cancel the current transaction.


 Fill in Transaction Records fills in the detail records with past information, or other details related to this area.  You can save time with this feature.  CostGuard will fill in different information, depending on the transaction. 


 Clear Transaction Records clears out the detail lines on the current transaction. 


 Zero Transaction Values sets the values in the detail records for a transaction to 0.  This feature is handy for updating pricing without having to receive data.  Further details on this command are in the tutorials.


 Blank Transaction Values blanks out values in the number fields of the detail records for a transaction.  This is different from Zero Transaction Values as nothing is in the field, and you can now enter in other information.  What becomes blank vary from transaction to transaction. 


 Set Filter displays a filter selection appropriate for the current window.  Filters allow you to sort the data, or search for certain conditions.  For example, if you are in Recipe Manager then CostGuard will display the Recipe Filter.  If you are in Inventory Manager, then it will display the Inventory Filter.


 Clear Filter & Show All clears any filter for the active window and displays all available items.

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